About Us

Buzengine is one of the most reliable cryptocurrency publications with several well-researched and informative posts about the latest happenings in the world of cryptos. The publication was started by six of the leading crypto experts from around the world. If you want the latest news and views about Bitcoin and the leading altcoins in the world, this site is for you.

We started as a small effort to bring together the best of Bitcoin news to the world. While looking for crypto news online, we realized that the world is growing increasingly aware of cryptocurrencies but they hardly get quality information online.

Why we started Buzengine?

Everybody is talking about cryptos these days. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple have invaded our mainstream media too. There is so much talk about cryptos that we experienced more noise than ‘voices’ in this field.

People want to know about these currencies. They are excited about the idea of a currency that is devoid of govt. control and bank monopolies. They not only wish to transact in these currencies but also see them as valuable investment options.

However, as readers are looking for reliable news stories, many publications are misleading them with false claim. Worst so, some publications are only driving readers to buy certain coins to meet their own goals.

Differentiating the grain from chaff could be difficult in this situation. This is why we started a publication of our own, where you can find the best of news and events about your favorite cryptocurrencies. We wanted to create a place where people interested in cryptos can come and get real news, not marketing information.

This is why we started Buzengine. This is a place where you get credible information about the cryptos you are interested in. We will be bringing several guest bloggers and industry experts on this website to provide you more information about cryptos.

Our goal

We aim to create high quality content for our readers around crypto. Our main purpose is to help you in finding crypto news that really matters to you. We are not just a news site or a cryptocurrency blog, instead, we are a dedicated network for connecting cryptocurrency enthusiasts and providing them the information they need.

At Buzengine, we take journalism very seriously. Even though the writers and founders of this platform come from different industry verticals, we aim to keep the standards of our journalism very high, devoid of any fear or favor, misleading statements or marketing gimmicks. You can expect real news and unbiased analysis from us.

Our vision

We have been a part of the blockchain revolution since the very beginning. This is why we understand the crypto space much better than the other ‘experts’ you find online. It is imperative to pay heed to advice that comes from the experts.

Our experiences suggest that the cacophony of ‘advice columns’ about cryptos have no value. Our vision is to create a space for readers where they can get sound advice without marketing spin. We do not ask you to buy coins or sell them. We only focus on bringing the latest messages from the cryptocurrency world, directly to you.